Zero Gravity Massage Chair
Zero Gravity Massage Chair
Zero Gravity Massage Chair
Zero Gravity Massage Chair
Zero Gravity Massage Chair
Zero Gravity Massage Chair
Zero Gravity Massage Chair
Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Zero Gravity Massage Chair

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 Luxurious and comfortable space capsule with color screen, full-body massage with touch, floating in zero gravity, Bluetooth music to promote sleep,AI smart large screen touch, easy to operate.

Zero gravity suspendedThink about the cloud floating feelingFully deep relaxation, as if place oneself in space, feelingThe massage chair brings comfort, the body is light

Bluetooth stereo sound, Bluetooth 3D stereo surround sound, no longer lonely at night, deep purification, letting go of fatigue, relaxing massage

The armrest linkageCurve, a former province spaceBefore a key curve smooth, just a little space.

Integrated installation, bid farewell to installation troubles, ready to use out of the box.

145cm SL guide rail massages various parts of the body. The length of the guide rail is suitable for most people. Large-scale massage can not only achieve precise kneading, but also relax various parts of the body.

4D Bionic Manipulator Masters the massage technology. 4D Intelligent Bionic Manipulator, which can be up and down, bounce back and forth to the whole body massage, and the variety of techniques

Induction fit, 14cm front and rear tapping amplitude, every tap is a manifestation of comfort

Stretch the body and apply the force evenly. It can also be massaged by different heights. Advanced technicians can use massage techniques to achieve fine massage and relax the meridian muscles.

Intelligent shape detectionMassage is must!Boot automatically detect induction of human body parts, calculation precision massage

The airbag wraps all parts of the body and stretches the whole body massage program to relieve stiffness of the leg muscles.

Moxibustion massages the acupoints of the human body, stimulates the flow of toxins in the body, blocks the meridians, and removes blood stasis.

Surrounding airbags distribute the whole body, cyclic rhythm massage, breathing airbags fully cover the whole body, comfortable and enjoyable

Three-stage foot roller scraping, pressing, rolling, scraping, kneading, air bag squeezing, comparable to a pedicure

Stretching freely, adapting to different heights without restriction, no longer worrying about the legs being too long, the leg stretch design can stretch 5-11 cm to 150~190 cm height

A variety of master massage techniques, delicate and comfortable massage techniques

Levitate in zero gravity, enjoy the feeling of floating clouds, completely relax, as if you are in space, feel the massage chair brings comfort and light body

The cyclic rhythm swings, floating, deep V Thai stretch. The body is arched and stretched, and the whole body is stretched and relaxed

Intelligent shape detectionMatch the different human bodyAutomatically detect human body, the computer through operations, adjust the massage manipulatorThe manipulator and the human body joint, give you a more comfortable massage experience

The armrest is connected to the sliding space in front of the curve. Short distance can be applied to all kinds of family scenes against the wall

All-in-one installation-free, bid farewell to installation troubles, ready to use out of the box


Dust with a feather duster or a soft, dry cloth.

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