About us

We're dedicated to our customer and to our craft. From beginning to end.We work hard to make your home feel at ease


The face of modern design When we founded Yhomebaby inthe fall of 2014, our goal was to create a broad and tastefulportfolio of well-designed products from many corners of theworld. We know that the appeal of good design extends farbeyond boutiques in major cities, and we seeYhomebaby.com as a way to make great products easilyaccessible to design lovers everywhere.


Through our Green Initiative, our artisan partners usesustainably sourced, reclaimed, and recycled materials asmuch as possible. From harvesting wood from mango treesthat no longer produce fruit, to repurposing recycled copper,we take pride in giving new life to what would otherwise be discarded.


We travel the globe, seeking out talented artisans whosetime-honored techniques create beautifully unique,handcrafted works of art. Our artisanpartnerships span continents and generations.


We save a seat at the table for everyone, because we knowwith absolute certainty that diversity is what makes theworld a beautiful, interesting place to live. Regardless ofrace, age, gender, or background—all are welcome here.


Giving back to our communities near and far has been atthe heart of our mission since day Today,we support a variety of organizations that share our visionfor caring for the environment and improving the lives ofthose in need, including Habitat for Humanity.


We have partnered with forest conservation groupssince 2017. Today, we are moving towards our goal ofplanting 1 million trees in the world - for the benefit ofwater, wildlife, people and the climate.


By partnering with organizations that protect the oceans,we're helping turn marine debris into sustainable upholsteryfabrics for some of our favorite seating collections.

Our values

High-quality Services:We reply to your email within 24 hours anddeal with any problems at any time.

Transparent Price:We are proficient in material market price andpersonnel salary level, so our product price is open and transparent.

Exquisite Technology:You don't want to worry about quality andworkmanship, the product will meet your expectations and exceed itsprice.

The Custom Easily:Our supplier company has a professionalmanufacturing department and professional furniture designers, whocan provide solutions and serve customers quickly.

Strict Product Quality Control:Our suppliers carry out strictquality inspection in every link of the production process, such asdesign drawing confirmation, material selection, worker productiontracking, warehouse quality inspection and customer acceptance(pictures, videos).

We are idea

Skip The Middlemen:We started with a simple belief: Modern and custom furniture shouldn'tbe so difficult and expensive.We will supply products directly from the manufacturer to the customerat the right price. This means you can pay a reasonable price for ahigh-quality product without the premiums and fees charged by anymiddlemen.

Product Production Display

The Standard Model:

In the traditional supply chain,Simplesales steps mean more quality problems for the customer.

The Yhomebaby Model:

Say goodbye to the middlemen.When designer comes straight from the manufacturer, youget a high quality product.

Yhomebaby development process



Established the first lighting factory and lighting entity salesstore.



Set up a home showroom, expand business to products such as tables, chairs, sofas, and help local residents solveemployment problems.



In the autumn of 2014, the Yhomebaby physical store furniture exhibition hall was established, with factories inTianjin, Weifang, Guangzhou and other places.



The Yhomebaby online sales website was officially established to sell household products to friends all overthe world and accept customized services.


Extra Service

Upon request, Yhomebaby will provide clients with interiordesign consulting services. Our staff often help customersfind hard-to-find products, often quickly. We are happy to provide you with accommodation.