10 Ways to Turn a Living Room Into a Bedroom

Having a guest room is a great way to say to your out-of-town friends and family that you welcome their visits. After all, no one wants to sleep on the couch or worse, the floor. However, real estate is valuable and few city dwellers can afford to have a space that only gets used a few times during the year.

What's the answer? Make your living room do double duty by outfitting it so that you can temporarily turn it into a cozy and welcoming guest bedroom. How do you do that? We have a few suggestions.

Add a Sofa Bed

A sofa bed is the traditional method of adding extra sleeping space without adding a guest room. Sofa beds double as comfortable couches when they aren't in use and transform into beds at night. The good news is that while your mother's sleeper sofas were heavy and uncomfortable for guests, today's sofa beds are much lighter and much more comfortable to sleep on.

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Invest in a Sleeper Sectional

With a sleeper sectional, you don't have to worry about converting a sofa and putting it back together in the morning; if you have the room, a sleeper sectional isn't just great for guests – it's also a great piece where you can relax on movie night or take an afternoon nap.

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Buy a Chair That Turns Into a Bed

There are chairs that can also be transformed into a bed at night without taking up the room that a sofa bed takes. Pair one with an ottoman to store sheets and blankets.

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Use a Futon

Futons aren't just for college dorm rooms! These convertible sleeping platforms are comfortable, versatile and take up less space in your room than a sofa bed.

Accessorize With a Storage Ottoman

As we mentioned above, storage footrest (one that opens) is not just a great place to rest your feet; it's also a perfect place to stow bedding!

Buy a Storage Coffee Table

Like a storage ottoman, a storage coffee table opens and provides convenient storage for bedding and/or your guest's clothes and personal items.

Get Cozy With Rugs, Curtains and Pillows

Rugs, curtain and pillows add a cozy, home-like vibe to even the smallest sleeping spaces. When it comes to converting a living room into a bedroom in general, remember that having a cozy and inviting place for guests to spend the night with you doesn't have to mean giving up an entire room. You can welcome your guests in your living room with a few adjustments and some careful planning!

Consider a Storage End Table

Don't have room for a coffee table?a Storage End Table can give you that much needed storage while doubling as a nightstand.

Install a Daybed

Another piece of furniture that does double duty is a daybed. The half bed/half couch can be used to relax on during the day and then made up for sleeping at night.

Go Minimalist

When creating a sleeping space in your small living room, it's a good idea to opt for a minimalist design plan so that your room doesn't look cluttered.

Editorial Disclaimer: Articles featuring tips and advice are intended for educational purposes and only as general recommendations. Always practice personal discretion when using and caring for furniture, decor and related items.