7 Conversation Room Ideas to Encourage Human Interaction

A cool, relaxing conversation room can add so much to every home and apartment. It provides you and your friends, family, and other visitors with a perfectly suited place to talk and unwind. On top of that, it's a space where you can put your utmost effort into making it beautiful, comfortable, and an expression of your style and individuality. If you're interested in enhancing your conversation room, here are seven ideas you can apply to make it the ultimate in stay-at-home relaxation.

7 Conversation Room Ideas

When it comes to a great conversation room, there's a lot that you need to keep in mind. While the space ought to be beautiful, it also needs to be functional. However, these two impulses don't need to compete with each other. Instead, you can bring practical and aesthetic ideas together in your journey to create a wonderful conversation room.

Ample Seating

Unless you intend to sit on the floor, it goes without saying that you need to have sufficient seating. Don't settle for rudimentary wooden chairs, though. Setting a couch and multiple comfortable, individual chairs around a circular table will provide the right balance of space and intimacy. Colorful chairs can be a great option, especially as a splash of energy in rooms with more minimalistic color schemes.

Area Rugs

A beautiful area rug can pull a space together, make it feel cozier, and add a bit of visual interest to the room. People often emphasize wall decoration, but implementing decorations that cover the ground or hang from the ceiling is a great idea. This is because it adds a sort of visual depth that helps make a space feel larger, more comfortable, and more complete.

Natural Light

Electric light is fine in the evening, but it lacks the artistry and warmth of natural light. Relying on sunbeams streaming in through open windows and augmenting them with candles is a great idea. These gentler, subtler light sources spare your eyes the strain of electric light and foster a warm atmosphere.


The art in your conversation room should be something that means something to you or contributes to the feeling of the space. Creative, interesting artwork can help create a more intellectual, conversational feeling. Likewise, art is a great way to adjust the color balance of the room by adding a bit of contrast or light to a space. If your wallet allows for it, consider seeking out original art from small, local creatives rather than mass-produced (yet friendlier to tight budgets!) corporate art for a more personal touch.


You can't always rely on natural light, so you should pay close attention to lighting. Do some positions around your table have to deal with light glare from behind other people? You also need to make sure that there's enough light to complement your art and decor.


Plants add visual depth to a space and bring a little bit of color and variety into the mix. Not to mention, indoor plants improve air quality as well. Depending on your tastes and how much of a green thumb you have, you can choose between all sorts of different plants. Succulents and cacti are wonderfully low-maintenance, but colorful flowers that require more care have a lot to offer your interiors as well.


What social space is complete without snacks and entertainment? A classy charcuterie board is always an excellent choice, but you don't necessarily need to be too fancy. Anything that combines good taste and solid presentation will work wonders for your conversation room. As for entertainment, consider investing in a nice sound system, setting up a TV where everyone can see it, or buying some trendy board games.

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