Modern Frosted Down Fabric Sofa
Modern Frosted Down Fabric Sofa
Modern Frosted Down Fabric Sofa
Modern Frosted Down Fabric Sofa

Modern Frosted Down Fabric Sofa

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Product Design:

Falling into your softness, the design of space beauty will not come to an end. The design comes from the understanding of comfortable life, as if being in a dream, the beauty of life is not how complicated it is, and let life return to the essential side.

                                                                                                       --JOKER WIND

Product Details:

1. French MITOO nano grinding emery clothNew type of abrasive cloth, breathable wear "black science and technology"Material blessings of science and technology, close to the skin tactility, not stuffy not cold.

 2. The natural down brings a soft wrapping feeling, and the bag is filled with natural down to support the body comfortably. It is light, soft and comfortable without being deformed for a long time. Scientific ratio of 30% space cotton, softer and fluffy, not easy to collapse.

 3. Double filling in scientific ratio, made of fluffy down cotton + rebound space cotton, with space cotton is a comfortable rebound effect, using the whole feather of the high-quality goose abdomen, please use it with confidence.

 4. Down seat cushion, full of buttocks feeling: the upper layer of the seat cushion uses natural feathers / the lower layer uses 45-inch high-density sponge, which is completely wrapped and has a Q-elastic sitting feeling, giving you a more comfortable soft elastic experience.

 5. We only choose natural heterochromatic white goose down, the ratio of down doll cotton is 7:3, and the down layer with 95% down content is used, which is suitable for the comfortable proportion of the human body, comfortable and resilient, soft and fluffy. Subvert your comfort experience.

 6. Wide armrests, you can lean on them at will, and the wide arms wrap you, giving you more sense of security.

 7. "Sit feeling more comfortable than the traditional pure wood base"S serpentine spring + wood frame Sit feeling is betterFrame body use Russian import pine leaves, the wood is not easy to deformation, strengthen product overall structural stability, thin belt as secondary elasticity, three-dimensional process complex, the cost is higher, sit feeling more comfortable more elastic.


*Size: L118.1" (300CM) x W41.8" (106CM) x H31.5" (80CM)

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• For best results, carefully follow all cleaning product directions. Don't over apply.
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• For general cleaning or cleaning of any excessively soiled upholstery, we recommend contacting a professional cleaning service.

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Product Concept

People always find ways to find the warmth

To design a house

Design the angle that can receive maximum sunlight

Design window size

Design the thickness of the curtain

Design the lights you need when it's dark

People also design various lamps

ceiling, wall, pedestal

In fact, most people want to design

It is the warmth of home and the hope that home brings to life.

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