Ebony Wood

Noble in Wood - Ebony Wood, a "king's work" that has been matured for a century

Origin of ebony wood

In 1472, Portuguese colonists came to the Gulf of Gabon, because the topography of the area is somewhat similar to the coats worn by Portuguese sailors at that time, the Portuguese is "gabao", and Gabon is also named after it. The reputation of "Treasure House of Resources" and "Land of Green Gold", in the vast tropical forests of Gabon, is known as the "Noble in the wood", and the ebony wood tree grows here...

That is to say, ebony wood was discovered and used very early, but because the land transportation at that time was underdeveloped and mainly relied on water and air transportation, Gabon also faced the problem of backward infrastructure. Used to make high-end furniture and even used in private jets and luxury car interiors, ebony wood is less well known.

The black and gold interwoven curved texture of ebony wood is really beautiful, the color is eye-catching and very fluid, and every section can clearly show the beauty of the wood grain. Look at it, the hardness and density are relatively high, the wood is fine and hard, the strength is high and corrosion resistance is high, and the tube hole structure is fine.

People call ebony wood "the ninth kind of mahogany", because it takes a hundred years to become a material and is known as a "living plant fossil". Most of the ebony wood on the market relies on imports. The deep color can't hide its edge, and the simple shape reveals the beauty of life in subtle changes, which can always attract people's attention inadvertently.

From the felled logs to the final product, after more than ten processes such as drying, cutting material, longitudinal sawing, fixing length, fixing width, tenoning, etc., only about 30% of them can pass the factory in the end. This is also one of the reasons why the price of ebony wood is not low.

The advantages of ebony wood

Ebony wood belongs to the hematoxylinae species, distributed in tropical, subtropical and some temperate regions of the world. The black heartwood is mainly produced in tropical Asia and Africa, such as India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Gabon, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos , Madagascar, Congo, Cameroon and other countries. In terms of origin, Gabon in Africa produces the best. And our ebony wood furniture uses ebony wood from Gabon, Africa. It has a high market appreciation space and collection value.

Wonderful natural texture

The most commendable thing about ebony is its striking, dynamic texture. Gold and black curves are intertwined, like moving clouds and flowing water, like zebra jumping. Not only that, each of its facets has a different but distinctive texture.

metallic feel

Because the growth environment of ebony is rich in minerals, due to geographical factors, ebony wood has long absorbed nutrients and water containing minerals. Therefore, the surface of ebony wood is bright, rich in metallic texture, and the rate of ebony wood is low, the wood is hard, and the processing is difficult, so every product made of ebony wood is full of strong natural flavor.

Heavy weight and high density

Ebony wood is a kind of hardwood with heavy weight and high density. Moreover, the hardness and density of this wood are relatively high. The air-dry density is generally 0.69-0.84g/cm3. Have "Nine kinds of mahogany" reputation,

natural health

The choice of solid wood furniture is actually based on nature. Therefore, Ebony wood furniture has no pollution and fully protects the health of the family. It has a simple and natural natural color, just like a gift from nature. We only need to enjoy the quietness brought by nature. It's good to feel the leisure and comfort of life.

Collection value

Nowadays, there are fewer and fewer high-quality solid wood furniture, especially natural ebony wood. Therefore, ebony wood furniture has fully reflected the special character of rareness and preciousness. Today, good ebony wood furniture has full appreciation potential, and the market price It has been turned over and over again, so buying it early is also a very rational investment.


The advantage of solid wood furniture is that it is not easy to be damaged. The selected high-quality ebony wood furniture is made of straight panels, which can greatly extend the service life. Moreover, the wooden structure of ebony wood is also very good and beautiful, so it is deeply loved by the public, especially It is a sofa made of ebony wood, enjoying noble quality and long service life.

Why expensive

1. Low yield

An adult ebony wood needs to go through a series of processes from log to furniture, especially cutting material, longitudinal sawing, fixing length, fixing width, drying, tenoning, slotting, etc. There are no less than 10 processes. The utilization rate of wood in advanced factories can only reach 30%.

2. Long growth cycle

A mature ebony wood takes a hundred years to complete. In addition to the unique geographical conditions, artificial planting is extremely difficult, so this is why ebony furniture is more expensive.

product care

1. Keep dry is the first
Due to the material, excessive sunlight or humidity will damage the material of ebony wood furniture, causing the wood to crack or be brittle and easy to break. Therefore, it is necessary to keep it dry under the condition that the ebony wood furniture is not exposed to excessive sunlight.

2. Wet cloth is the natural enemy
Many people think that since it is wood furniture, of course, it can be wiped with a damp cloth. But in fact, ebony wood is a special case, because the moisture in the wet cloth and the lime sand will form particles after mixing, and once the surface of the furniture is rubbed, it is easy to cause certain damage to it, and people usually ignore this. So if there is dust on the surface of Wujin wood furniture, how to clean it? It is recommended to use a fine and soft brush to gently brush off the dust, and then slowly wipe it with a dry cotton and linen cloth. If you accidentally get stains, you can use a small amount of water-soluble or oil-based cleaner to wipe.

3. Regular waxing and maintenance
Waxing should be done after the dust is completely removed, otherwise wax spots will form, or it will cause abrasion and scratches. The choice of wax is also very important. General spray wax, water wax and bright wax can be used, but do not use car wax. When waxing, it is necessary to master the principle of from shallow to deep, from point to surface, step by step, and evenly wax.

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